Welcome to Future Club.
We are a community-based culture club house where together, we shape our future.

What is Future Club?

Future Club is a community-based creative hub that aims to bring people together through art, collaboration, conversation, and workshops.  Featuring arts studios, a workshop and event space, a gallery, a design shop, and a café.

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Working amongst peers

Looking for a shared studio to indulge in your creative work? Or perhaps a calm co-working environment? At Future Club we offer different memberships depending on your needs, where you not only get to work at our location but also get benefits.

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Thread The Gun

March 31 - Exhibition Opening

17h — 19h

Expect a jumble of colors and shapes. Slow Studio brings back the tufting rugs, in 2023, with a salute to Midcentury Modern. They’ll present 21 Danish and International textile artists and their latest works.

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CPH DOX: Soviet Bus Stops

March 26

Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig stumbled across one in 2002 and has been hunting down bus stops ever since, with his camera around his neck, to capture the architectural and artistic gems before they’re gone. Not everyone sees the same beauty when they look at Soviet relics. Director Kristoffer Hegnsvad gets in the car with Herwig and speeds around the vast expanses of the former Soviet Union for seven years in search of the incredible bus stops and their creators.

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Check out our limited edition of artworks that are for sale in our online store.

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Rent our space

Loving our location and looking for a place to host your next event, meeting, or something third? Then you are in luck. Learn more about renting our property.

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