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Three Futures
At Future Club we strive to be a welcoming and communal gathering spot for connecting with yourself and each other. Therefore we host different events which can be cast into three categories.
Future Talk
Through collaborations on curatorial projects combining art and conversation, we are hosting events with a conceptual and participatory perspective. Together we can dive into a theme and effectively engage with the world around us and create dialogue on things that matter.
Future Mind
A creative mind works best when in balance and at peace, with one self and the body. Through an event series focusing on body and mind, we explore yoga practice, NADA treatment, mind exploration, meditation and other healing practices as a supplement to your daily creative flow.
Future Craft
Our community and residents include an inspiring crew of artists and creatives, who are inviting you to participate in a series of various workshops. These events give you the opportunity to explore different techniques and crafts in ceramics, woodworking, textiles, drawing, photography, jewelry etc.


Future Craft

Ceramic workshop

June 6

18h30 - 21h


Future Craft

Umbrella Tapes concerts

June 16

18h - 21h30


Future Craft

Beyond The Flesh

May - July


Future Craft

Into the soft


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