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At Future Club we aim to showcase emerging talents and local as well as international creators through exhibitions at our gallery. Besides curating our own exhibitions, we have also made it possible to rent and apply to exhibit in our gallery.

Beyond The Flesh

May - July

Over the past 5 years, Mark William Kilford, much sought after for his distinct style of classic tattooing, has turned his hand and eye to the canvas. As an artistic journey, one can vicariously imagine how he was just aching to break out of the conventions of an image obsessed society, to shatter the icons of a young public so eager to adorn their skin; a ritual which was no longer taboo. In this transition his vision has exploded into a larger context, a landscape of sorts but one populated by living ghosts.

Into the soft


In June we will host, Into the Soft, featuring richly layered works by two artists who blur the boundaries of painting, textiles, and collage through their colorful and complex personal iconographies. The figurative works of the Spanish artist Fátima Amelia Moreno, will share the space with the cryptic and textural works of Copenhagen native, Rikke Winterbottom. Stay tuned for more details and opening dates.

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Looking for a place to host a meeting, a private gallery opening, a book release or a work event? Future Club offers the perfect space in the large inviting Gallery with beautiful lighting, giving a perfect setting for your event.

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