Need a space or studio?

At Future Club we offer to rent some of our spaces for events, photoshoots, or recording sessions. Available spaces: Gallery, photo studio, and podcast studio.

Floor Plan

  1. 1. Gallery
  2. 2. Shop
  3. 3. Toilet
  4. 4. Kitchen
  5. 5. Wild Horses Cafe
  6. 6. Meeting Room
  7. 7. Toilet
  1. 8. Wood work
  2. 9. Ceramic
  3. 10. Jewelry
  4. 11. Podcast Studio
  5. 12. Illustration
  6. 13. Textiles
  7. 14. Photo Studio


Looking for a place to host a meeting, a private gallery opening, a book release or a work event? Future Club offers the perfect space in the large inviting gallery with beautiful lighting, giving a perfect setting for your event.

Photo Studio

Professional setting with studio lighting and seamless backdrops. Perfect for fashion photography as well as product and commercial photography, our intention is to provide entry-level access to the world of studio photography for emerging talent and curious amateurs.

Podcast Studio

Customized environment with both the setting and the technical equipment for content creators working in this exciting field of expression. Two large screens, studio monitors, headphones, and microphones are available for recording and playback, in a comfortable and soundproof setting dedicated to this art form.

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